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Product Cabinets

Quality count when it comes to all cabinetry. Every kitchen we design is custom made, custom cut, custom fitted. Making sure your cabinetry is up to Australian standards is important. Even our most affordable finishes are still the highest quality. As a general rule of thumb, it is labour that dictates the price of cabinetry not quality. I often get asked which finish is best. There is no best. Just what’s best for you…


Melamine is a coloured board that most kitchens are made of. Often when people say they have a laminate kitchen, it is usually a melamine kitchen with laminate benches. Melamine is about .5mm thinner making it ideal for vertical surfaces. It has ABS edging which is the biggest innovation in the laminate and melamine industry. No more of that cheap plastic that is ironed on…


Laminate is highly durable and used most commonly as benches and specialty doors, draws and panels. Texted laminates are a durable choice when compared to the more fragile timber veneers. Laminate doors can also have a special high gloss finish or ultra-silk finish. The reason laminate and melamine is so durable and affordable is it only comes in flat sheets. Therefore, if you want a profile door, then look at vinyl or 2pak…


Some people have given vinyl a bad rap. Pardon the pun. So the name Thermolaminate became the new word. Vinyl Wrap is a great affordable finish for those looking for profile doors…


This is a 2 Pack paint process of painting and oven baking doors, drawers and panels. 2Pak can be done with your choice of gloss and colour on flat and profiled doors and decorative accessories. Making it very popular…

Timber/Timber Veneers

The warmth and beauty of timber and timber is timeless…

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