Creative Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen


Since you and your family spend so much time in and out of the kitchen, why shouldn’t it look its best and provide you with a simple, fluid design that enables you to have plenty of cooking space?

Regardless of your budget, there are a lot of cool ways you can decorate your kitchen and make it your own. Check out some of these ideas below.

Back on Track with Backsplash

One of the most difficult places to paint is the space between your cabinets and countertops. There’s not a lot of room, and you don’t want to get paint on your cabinets or appliances. Many homeowners are now opting for having these spaces covered in tile or backsplash. This addition is far less work than tearing apart all countertops and floors, and it can give the kitchen a whole new look.

There are so many different backsplash designs to choose from. Some owners like to go with one colour or texture while other opt for multi-coloured patterns and printed tiles. Some designers will even customise a tile style for you so consider all options before having any backsplash added to your kitchen.

Bring in Mother Nature

If your kitchen gets a lot of sunlight throughout the day, bringing in a few plants will add colour and fragrance to your house.

Be mindful of which plants you choose. Some do better than others with more or less sunlight, so watch your windows closely at different times of the day to determine whether or not plants will have sufficient sunlight. If you don’t feel like dealing with sunlight, water or temperature, a good fake plant can bring colour without all of the hassle. Choose from small orchids to larger potted plants depending on how much room you have.

You can also grow herbs, spices and other useful plants on your window sill. Small plants of sage, basil and rosemary can be grown in pots and take only a little bit of water. You’ll have fresh herbs you can enjoy all year long and save a bunch of money on spices at the supermarket.

Give the Room a Theme

Sometimes all it takes is a little unity to bring a kitchen together. There are hundreds of different themes you can choose from. Here are just a few:

  • Fruit Basket: Fruit can make an excellent decoration. Combine wooden, rustic-looking furniture with fruit-themed wall paper and a fruit basket filled with real or wax fruit in the center of your island to capture the spirit of an old-fashioned fruit stand.
  • Wine Delight: If your favourite fruit happens to be grapes, forget all the other fruits and decorate with grapes. Choose dark cherry cabinets, black countertops and add wine accents, like a wrought-iron wine rack or images of wineries.
  • Your Favorite Thing: For some people, it’s Coca-Cola products. For others, it’s roosters. Some people like to decorate with their favorite things. Don’t exclude the kitchen on this. Find new ways to bring your passion into your kitchen decorations.


Colour Me New

Sometimes all your kitchen needs is a new paint job. All kitchens have floors, countertops, cabinets and appliances that go with more than one colour so consider repainting the walls for a fresh take on the room.

Painting cabinets is also an option, but not all cabinets should be painted. For some, it’s actually very bad for the wood so check with an interior designer or contractor if you’re not sure about painting them.

Display Your Finest

Almost every family has more dishes than they know what to do with and not nearly enough cabinet space to hold the plates and cups. By adding an additional display cabinet or shelving unit, you can artfully display your family’s best China and some of their most amusing coffee mugs

Display cases are great kitchen pieces that often add a little more light and colour to the room. With a few stands, you can prop up the prettiest serving plates and other dishes you don’t use very often. You can also showcase different plates for different times of the year.

Large cubed bookshelves also make great additions to a kitchen with a little more room. Here you can display your dishes as well as other decorations and even appliances you don’t use very often. If you’re choosing a theme for your kitchen, this is the perfect place to bring out your theme.

White Wash

Believe it or not, even a whiteout kitchen can be a decorating option. Painting almost everything white gives you a blank canvas and allow for your creativity to shine through.

While your cabinets and walls will be white, this does leave you room to use appliances, works of art and photo frames to add a splash of colour. Many blenders and mixers come in a wide variety of colours. Plus you can use nearly any dish, placemat or table runner to add colour.

The best part is that if you get tired of one or two colours, you can always change it up with different dishes. This is especially nice for those with plates and dishes for all seasons and occasions.

Store Above

Are your ceilings high, but your cabinet space is limited? You might not have even considered storing up, but this is actually the perfect place to install hanging cabinets and dangling hooks.

Hanging cabinets gives you plenty of additional storage space and create instant room dividers. If your dining room is next to your kitchen, this gives you just a bit of privacy so you can continue cooking without everyone watching you.

If there’s one thing your pots and pans create, it’s clutter. Dangling hooks gives pots and pans their own special place out of the way, yet they’ll always be within reach.

Install or Upgrade Your Island

If you don’t already have an island in your kitchen, installing one could be the decoration you need. Islands make for a great place for the family to gather and cook together, and they often provide tons of extra storage and counter space. You can add accent lighting above them to create cool lighting affects at night.

Sometimes all you need is just a little more space. If you don’t want to entirely redo the kitchen, consider using a mobile island. These carts come in many different shapes and sizes, and when you’re entertaining guests, they can be used as serving trays.