Tips for Including a Herb Garden in Your Home


Items you will need to start an indoor herb garden:

1. Pots with good drainage and pot plates/saucer.
2. Soil appropriate for the plants you have selected.
3. Lighting of some sort – preferably natural sun light
4. Seeds (or plants) and water!

While you can start your herbs from seed it’ often easier to buy starter plants from a local nursery or farmers market, especially if you are a beginner.

There are several types of containers and pots you can use for the plants. Whatever container you select should be deep enough to promote proper root development and also have a hole on the bottom to allow water drainage – keep a saucer or plate to catch the excess water as it runs through.

It is also important to do some research on what type of soil suits the plants best and how much you should be watering them as not all plants like lots of moisture.

Herbs For Indoors


Tip:  Basil enjoys full sunlight, well-drained soil and a warm location.


Tip:  Chives prefer well-drained rich soil but are easy to maintain.


Tip: Dill thrives in cooler locations with lots of light.


Tip: Mint should not be planted in a pot with other plants!


Tip:  You should have well-drained soil, with plenty of sun, but don’t let your rosemary get too hot.


Tip: Sage prefers sunny, warm locations.


Tip:  Oregano grows better in well-drained soil, with partial shade and good ventilation.


Tip:  Parsley needs to be regularly pruned.

We hope this helps you with your home herb garden endeavours. Feel free to contact us for kitchen lay-out tips to help your herbs prosper!