Bright and Alive Bathroom


This Bathroom from the early nineties was in need of a 21st Century renovation. With a large unused spa taking up most of the room, it was a cluttered area with difficult access to the vanity. The client fell in love with this curved Bath and it was easy to see why. Not like your standard bath tub, it offered a thin rim around the top and a curve on one corner so smooth it is hard to work out where it begins and ends. The dividing wall offers a privacy corner and prevents the toilet from being in plain sight when entering the bathroom.

This gorgeous bath speaks for itself. A fantastically unique design with seamless form and style. Wall mixer tap and spout were chosen for the curves they have. A Glass wall shelf with curved corners and matching chrome fittings keeps the softness needed for this space.

The floor heating register was relocated to beneath the towel rail to offer rapid drying during the colder months. With vertical 600 x 300 tiles used on the walls, it made sense to have a niche in the wall the same shape and size. To make the most of the height in the niche, we have added a glass shelf. A Shower Rail system allows easy height adjustment of the shower head and of course a wall mixer tap provides easy temperature control.

Simplicity was the key with this Vanity unit. No handles to catch on, simple clean lines, bench top molded in one piece in the same finish as the bathtub. Nothing adds more class than a wall to wall mirror, again in line with the wall tiles.

As this home was lacking in storage and the bathroom was a decent sized space, a tall cabinet in a Classic White Sheen was added to consume all of the linen. This unit also provided a screen for the toilet area. The light swirl in the Wall and Floor tiles gave the bathroom an earthy feel that the clients were looking for.