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Country Kitchens Melbourne

You don’t have to have a home in the country to capture the warmth and welcome of a country kitchen. This cosy design has been a favourite of designers and homeowners alike because it embodies the comfort and beauty of the countryside while providing all of the functionality you could ever need. If you’re looking for a kitchen design that truly makes your kitchen the centre of the home for both you and your guests, look no further than the beautiful country kitchen design.

Select Kitchens designers know how important natural elements and fine attention to details are to this design. Country kitchens call for intricate wood carvings on the cabinets, tables and chairs, often made from maple, cherry, oak and pinewood. Pine is usually considered the favourite among homeowners and designers because it is often uniquely knotty in form and adds a rustic feel to the room. Light and dark woods are available so you can create a continuous style within your home. Whatever type of wood you prefer, we’ll be sure to find something that fits your tastes.

When it comes to appliances and accessories for your country kitchen, Select Kitchens offers a vast array of quality choices so you’re certain to find products that are both high-quality and aesthetically pleasing for this theme. To emulate that classic farm feel, we will help you select the perfect sink that fits the country feel while providing functionality. We’ll also help you chose the perfect patterns and fabrics to further enhance the design. From gingham table clothes to plaid curtains, your accessories will further highlight the beauty of the wood finishes and maintain the pastoral feel of the country.

Look through our gallery below to see some of our craftsmanship at work. All of these stunning country kitchens are Select Kitchens designs that showcase some of our best work. If you think you’re ready for the next step, schedule a free consultation with our dedicated designs and get started crafting your perfect country kitchen.

Is your house located in a regional zone or do you have a land with acres? Did you grow up in the country and want the same feel you had at your old home? Then you definitely need a country kitchen for your new home! No matter how old or new your home is; a country kitchen design gives a farmhouse lifestyle to your house where the aroma of freshly baked scones and hearty roast dinners permeate throughout the house.

Select Kitchens designs country kitchen plans that are welcoming and cheery with light or bright colours, glazed cabinets, woven baskets, floral motifs, decorative moulding and shelving and bead board panels.

Country kitchen designs include lots of styles, which include:

  • French Country
  • English Country
  • Tuscan Country
  • Cottage Style
  • Farmhouse Style
  • Open air Garden Style

All these styles give the house a homespun look. They give your house a rustic and charming 18th century look. It makes your kitchen more inviting and warm. Select Kitchens provides you with subdued and natural colours complementing the rustic texture of stone, iron or wood. All of these traits give you a kitchen with an English country look.

The country kitchen style is identified by its:

  • Gleaming wood counter top
  • Drawer rails
  • Cupboard facades, which reach the floor
  • Numerous door styles

Our designs are identified by their relaxed and comfortable feel, their simplicity, open workspace and natural colour pallets. We create kitchens, which are not just a cooking centre but also a place for a family to gather around and enjoy.

From the cabinetry to placing the appliances and other fixtures, we focus on every detail to give you that country look you have been dreaming of so that every time you look at your kitchen, it will remind you of your old house in the countryside.

Our basic country kitchen designs include:

  • Profiled doors
  • Distressed finished timbers
  • Open shelves
  • Framed cabinets
  • Glass fronted cabinets
  • Natural surfaces of timber cabinets that are hand painted
  • Stone bench tops
  • Tile splashbacks

Your country kitchen will display your life: collections of crockery, pots, pans and glasses, and hand painted bowls and plates. The pantry will give your kitchen a green look with all the spices and herbs on display along with the colourful jars and cooking items.

For further information on our country kitchen designs, visit our gallery. Each country kitchen style in our gallery incorporates a flexibility that will work in any house, designed in such a way that it will suit everybody’s tastes, falling within your budget. So pick up your phone now and call us for a free quote.

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