Kitchen Taps, Handles and Hardware

Everything but the kitchen sink

the finishing touches on your new kitchen

At Select Kitchens, quality counts and hardware is an important component to a quality kitchen. We use the full range of Blum products, that are backed by their lifetime warranty.

Bins, pull out pantries, drawer accessories and corner solutions are just a few of the accessories you can add to your kitchen. 

We make sure that every kitchen we design and install is not only beautiful but also makes the most of the space available. 


The humble kitchen tap is also one of the most used parts of your kitchen. We have a range of kitchen taps to suit all styles of kitchens. 


The finishing touch to your new kitchen, we can recommend and install kitchen handles that blend functionality and style to match your preferred kitchen style. 


Not only does your new kitchen have to be beautiful and inspire you on a daily basis, it also needs to be functional. Drawers, pantries and other kitchen hardware needs to be reliable and designed to make the most of the space you have while complimenting your cooking style. 

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