Industrial Style Kitchens

The Industrial Style Kitchen celebrates humility, practicality and affordability.

If there is one style that celebrates humility, practicality and affordability, then it is surely the industrial style kitchen.

What started out as an efficient commercial work environment, soon morphed into a distinct home kitchen style, weaving its way through functional loft-style homes through to expansive villas & contemporary penthouses.

Cutting across generations, it is a trend that never seems to die down. There are fewer places in the house which revel in the beauty & unassuming ease of the industrial style as much as in the kitchen.

If something looks like it belongs in a commercial setting chances are it would look good in an Industrial style kitchen. Stainless steel is a key feature of this design style.

These open plan kitchens often combine high ceilings and natural light with the latest shiny, modern appliances. Exposed brick walls have become a favourite among homeowners but exposed stainless steel surfaces and the right flooring elevate the kitchen to a whole new level. 

Industrial Kitchen Design

This is a kitchen design style that is all about raw textural beauty at its diverse best. In simpler terms, think brick, tiled and even concrete walls while planning for the industrial kitchen.

Brick walls obviously are a favourite among homeowners and currently lead the pack, but do not forget the value of exposed steel surfaces and the right flooring, which elevate the kitchen to a whole new level.

The Industrial Kitchen look

The industrial style had its genesis in large cavernous buildings such as warehouses, packing plants and commercial kitchens — so it makes sense that an open floor plan is a hallmark of the look. High ceilings cap expansive rooms that often serve multiple functions, such as a kitchen, dining room and living area all blended into one. Long expanses of space can be broken up with well-placed furniture.

A kitchen island combined with twin pendant lights will help to visually separate your kitchen from the space beyond. 

Industrial Steel Style

One feature of industrial style kitchens is the use of metals, either cool stainless steel or warmer metals like copper, bronze and brass. These materials look fit for a professional chef, putting the focus on cooking rather than ornate decoration but in a way that has a visual appeal all its own.

Stainless steel isn’t only for appliances, however, and can be used as a material for Stainless steel benchtops and even cabinets. One thing worth remembering is that while looking crisp and perfect when installed, metal surfaces will eventually get dinged and scratched, particularly with heavy use. For many, this simply adds to the industrial appeal but you have to be ready to accept it.

Accents like knobs and pulls can also be used to bring in metals. Choosing aged or brushed finishes, rather than shiny polished aluminium, will hide fingerprints as well as wear and tear and offer a more subdued look.

Other Design Cues of an Industrial Style Kitchen Renovation

Wood and texture 

The industrial style is all about raw textural beauty at its diverse best. Natural materials like wood and brick make for the best industrial look and are essential ingredients for your industrial style kitchen. Where possible, the natural flaws in materials, such as the obvious patches in the brick should be embraced and accentuated. 

Don’t be afraid to combine woods in contrasting undertones, adding casual elegance to an industrial kitchen. Contrasting natural tones also provide the bulk of the colour for the kitchen, so the palette feels varied but not out of control.


Concrete is another favourite material of industrial-chic. Few materials appear more no-nonsense while still giving subtle textural richness. Exposed structural columns make a definite statement as does concrete floors or walls. 

You can also imitate the concrete vibe with neutral or warm grey paint, rather than using actual concrete. Another industrial style element that adds character are old subway tiles. 

Restaurant-inspired details

Switching standard kitchen tapware for dramatic-looking commercial models is another way to add industrial appeal. Taps with an exposed coil and a high-arching neck are also highly functional for home cooks serious about food preparation.

Forget the upper

Another popular feature of industrial-style kitchens is skipping the upper cabinets, especially when you have a pretty brick or concrete wall you want to expose.

An open shelving rack can make a great substitute for the storage lost by forgoing upper cabinets, keeping the look of the kitchen breezy and open, with your essential cookware and dishes on display.

Remove the clutter

To keep an industrial kitchen looking well designed it’s important to purge the clutter. Our industrial designed kitchens will avoid excess gadgets and cookware that you don’t actually use and put products from unattractive packages into simple jars or bins. Everything on display should be worth showing off.

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