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The microwave has become a kitchen staple in most homes. It is no longer just a reheating device – it can be a multi tasker that defrosts, cooks and bakes.

While there are many features to consider, it’s important to ask a few key questions first. For example – how much do I use the microwave? Answering this will help determine where the best position in the kitchen or pantry will be.

Nowadays the most common position for a microwave is above the oven, in an open box shelf with power point at the back. This height is ideal for being able to use the microwave in a safe manner.

Another option is under the bench, which is safe but can be a bit tricky with bending and may not suit everyone. Alternatively, an overhead shelf that is lower than an overhead cupboard or a microwave sitting on the benchtop can work well. This is common in a pantry where you might have the bench room to spare. Select Kitchens always recommend that when you buy a microwave, buy the trim kit that goes with it. This helps to give your kitchen a finished look, seemingly built-in and very stylish.

What type of microwave do I buy?

When considering which microwave to buy, ask yourself – what will I use it for? This will help decide what features you really need and which you don’t. Is it just a solo microwave? A microwave with a grilling element? Or perhaps a complete microwave convection oven, giving you the functionality of a second oven in your kitchen.


When it comes to the specifications, some important details to look into are:
Power ratings – these usually differ depending on sizes, ranging from 600 – 1500 watts.
Control Panel buttons – these are a big part of understanding the features of your microwave, but only if you end up using them.
Auto sensors – these activate once microwave sensors measure a pre-set humidity and shut the unit off.

As one of the most utilized appliances in modern kitchens, it’s important to put a lot of thought into your microwave. At Select Kitchens, our expert team will help you find the perfect option for you and your new, dream kitchen.

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