6 Types of Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne


6 Types of Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne

If you are looking to have your kitchen renovated in a new style, you must go about it with eyes open and ears to the ground. It is your hard earned money and you cannot afford to leave everything to the professionals with no input from you at all.

In this blog, we shall talk about different kitchen styles so that by the end of the blog you know what you want to go for.

Stay put and read till the end. If your kitchen renovation is pending then this informative blog on Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne is what you need. This is because in this blog we shall be going over 6 types of kitchens and with a brief explanation of all.

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For now, let us begin:

Modern Kitchen

This is by far the favorite of the people of Melbourne! And why it shouldn’t be! It has everything a great kitchen needs.

If elegance is a high priority for you, here you go with a kitchen style more elegant than a finely crafted porcelain pot!

Sleek lines, functional design, restrained color palettes, island bench, open shelving, and pendant lights are some of the prime features.

There is no way you can ever go wrong with this Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne.

A little tweaking here and there can transform this modern kitchen into a modern French provincial kitchen or a country-style kitchen. However, if you want your modern kitchen to stay all modern then stick to the basics and you will have the kitchen of your dreams.

Kitchen Makeovers

Contemporary Kitchen

If you are a fan of everything latest then this is the one for you. Contemporary kitchens go well with the present time.

This kitchen is for the ones who like to live in the present and make the most out of it! Are you that person? If yes, this is what you must opt for.

This is the kitchen style that professionals have to put a lot of research into. This is because the interior home décor keeps changing and the word contemporary is not an absolute one. It changes with whatever comes new in the market. Hence, contemporary Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne are dynamic and have no fixed designs.

At present, contemporary kitchens are marked by wood-grain cabinets with, a white and grey color palette with a concrete style appearance.

Classic Kitchens

Classic kitchens are another name for timelessness. If you want to model your kitchen as a classic kitchen you have got to have a kitchen builder expert with long experience. A newbie will not help you out here.

There is not one type of style when we talk about the classic kitchen. Depending on the region, the style of a classic kitchen will differ. Get in touch with a professional and find out which classic Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne would go best with your home.

Hamptons Style Kitchen

Filled with natural lights, natural materials, and a light color palette mixed with classic styles is what defines Hamptons Style Kitchen.

For those who find French provincial-style kitchens a bit elaborate, this is suitable as it strips away the elaboration and is a lighter and simpler version of French provincial kitchens.

Some of the common features are white paints. These are sometimes made a bit dramatic by including contrast colors. Stone benches are characterized by square edges. There are timber benches and a tiled splash back. Of all, the tiled splash back is what lends these kitchens the Hamptons appeal.

There are more to Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne. Read ahead, there are more interesting designs coming below:

French Provincial Kitchens

As the name suggests this type of kitchen style originated in France. It all started when countryside craftsmen started incorporating city designs into homes in the countryside. They, however, did not copy it all. It was mixed with countryside aesthetics and this resulted in French provincial Kitchens.

If you go for a French provincial-style kitchen, for sure, your kitchen is going to be the most beautiful and elegant part of your home.

A striking feature of this type of kitchen is its elaborate door. Other features that add to the appeal are Corbels, Columns, turned posts, scrolls fretwork, heritage kickers, and cabriole legs. Of course, you are always free to customize and experiment.

There are no rigid rules for Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne. After all, the home interior must reflect your taste. That should be the priority. To have the right custom kitchen, choose your kitchen professionals wisely.

Country Style Kitchens

Rural areas have been an inspiration to many artists. With its abundance of nature, peace, and freshness, the countryside is where tired city dwellers turn to when life gets overwhelmed. Why not bring this peace and tranquility home with countryside-style kitchens?

If this Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne sounds interesting, you may like this kitchen style.

This kitchen style does not have the formalness of French provincials or the Hamptons. It is rustic with weathered timbers, open shelves units, hanging pots & pans, and so on.

If you like to have this look, make sure you check out a few designs on the internet before getting in touch with the Kitchen Builders in Melbourne. It is always wiser to have some prior research done. It helps develops product knowledge and saves time so that you can get started quickly with the actual work.


So, these were the top 6 kitchen styles that you can go for. Apart from these, there are several other kitchen styles. Kitchen Makeovers in Melbourne also includes Industrial style kitchens, Scandinavian-style kitchens, and Kosher kitchens.

So, which one do you like the most? Are you impressed by Modern Kitchens? Is your heart stuck in country-style kitchens? Or, are you thinking to infuse two styles into one? Tell Select Kitchens about it and we shall be happy to assist you to get one.

This was all for today. Hope you have liked the blog and found it helpful. Team Select Kitchens wishes you all the best with a new kitchen!

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