Kosher Kitchen Designs

Select Kitchens has experience designing kitchens with Kosher requirements. 

Not so much of a style of kitchen, but an understanding of the cultural requirements. 

Kosher Kitchen concept

Select Kitchens has a strong track record, designing and remodelling kosher-style kitchens based on your individual preferences. We give you the flexibility to incorporate features most suited for your needs.

Despite needing to keep food separated, we know that the design can still be functional, and look spectacular. 

In a kosher kitchen, two separate spaces for kosher meat and dairy dishes are required. We installed double sinks to wash dishes as well as double the stoves to simultaneously cook meat and dairy foods.

With double the appliances and double the cutlery – dishes, utensils, pots and pans; storage is going to be one of your primary concerns. Select Kitchens specialise in designing a space to accommodate your storage requirements without a large footprint.

We design and renovate making use of tempered stainless steel in kosher kitchens material as it can be cleaned in a few different ways. 

At any level of kosher compliance, we are happy to help.

Kosher Kitchen Design

Keeping a kosher home is a principle of the Jewish faith. Select Kitchens has learned & worked with the Melbourne Jewish community to ensure that kosher-style food can be prepared to meet all the dietary laws of the Torah. 

We work around your personal style preferences & the size of the space, to deliver a new kitchen that is both spectacular and fully on the concept of kosher style.  

Our kitchen designers have many years of experience working with members of the community, including those with the strictest interpretations of kosher food rules and guidelines. 

Kosher Kitchen Appliances and Accessories

Technology has provided people with many more kitchen options and there are now many advanced appliances that combine technology and tradition, such as fridge/freezers and ovens with built-in Sabbath mode.

For example, refrigerator or freezer doors, when placed in Sabbath Mode, will not:

  • cause circulation fans to go on/off 
  • activate any tones or digital readouts
  • affect the defrost cycle
  • turn on interior appliance lights
  • pause automatic ice makers

Kosher Kitchen Design Layout

We understand there are different levels of legitimate kosher kitchens to adhere to, so it is our job to understand you, and the level of compliance that you and your Rabbi are comfortable with, then design a beautiful kitchen solution within those boundaries. 

Though the design phase of a kosher kitchen can be longer and more challenging than non-kosher kitchens, our designers are happy to work with you to incorporate separate preparation, cooking and storage areas so that you can be assured you are keeping kosher while cooking. 

At Select Kitchen, we specialise in custom build kitchens, including special styles such as a Scandinavian kitchen concept or Industrial design kitchens.

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