Contemporary Kitchen Designs

Select Kitchens walk hand-in-hand with you to design and renovate your dream Melbourne contemporary kitchen.

The simplest way we can describe Contemporary Kitchens is ‘of the present time’.

And the challenge in defining what a contemporary designed kitchen means in this present, comes from the ever changing nature of designs.

What made a kitchen design, contemporary in the 1970’s is far different from what makes a kitchen design, contemporary in the 2020’s.

In this era, popularity comes from warmer colours, charcoal tones/ accents and premium fine wood grains. 

This could mean a light white kitchen with woodgrain cabinets that display a horizontal grain. Or grey stone benches a concrete style appearance. Or large tiled splashbacks. Or slim and simple handles. The list is endless.

Variances occur in the finer selection of colour tones, as well as skewing towards warmer hues to that add towards a homely feel in your kitchen. These serve as the foundation of the current contemporary kitchen style.

Our Approach To Your Contemporary Kitchen Design

Before renovating towards a contemporary kitchen, we utilise design principles that work towards being simple yet elegant. We focus on blending aesthetically pleasing practical lighting with materials & kitchen products like:

  • Frameless cabinetry
  • Basic flat doors and panels
  • Benches which are spacious and uncluttered
  • Hardware which is both large and simple
  • Basic slab designs, minimal and no fuss
  • Ample lighting
  • Modern kitchen appliances which integrate seamlessly with their surroundings

A Contemporary Natural Relaxed Style

Furthermore, during your dream contemporary kitchen’s renovation, we provide you a wide selection of premium stone slabs and flooring materials such as…

  • Corian Stone
  • Acrylic Solid Surfaces
  • Caesar Stone
  • Concetto Stone
  • Motivo Stone
  • Marble
  • Quantum Quartz
  • Natural Quartz

Custom Designed Contemporary Kitchen Styles

Whether you desire a kitchen arrangement for epicurean cooking, a design for entertainment or a multi-purpose style, our artistic designers make bespoke concepts that are tailored to your tastes, day-to-day needs and budget.

ur award-winning artistic kitchen designers consider the following points when designing your contemporary kitchen plan:

  • Spatial efficiency and practicality
  • Ergonomics
  • Aesthetics
  • Suitability
  • Budget and Quality

Key Design Cues of a Contemporary Kitchen

When creating contemporary kitchens in Melbourne, some people like to go for subdued, natural colours; others like to incorporate splashes of teal or lime to add a bright colour in a natural way.

  • Cabinetries with neutral colours are the safest bet for general appeal while still staying stylish
  • The colour of the cabinetry can work as the base in the colour palette for other surfaces too
  • Contrast can add a unique touch to the other elements in the kitchen
  • Think out of the box and use bold colours
  • Lighter colours below and darker ones above can give your kitchen an uplifting look
  • For a more striking effect, use subtle colours mixed with bold cabinetry

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