Our process guarantees that you’ll be delighted with your new kitchen or bathroom.

The thought of renovating your kitchen can be overwhelming, and it’s often hard to know where to start. At Select Kitchens we’ll partner with you and break our process down step by step, so even the largest of renovations are easy to understand and tackle.

Whether it’s a multiple-room renovation with structural changes or a straight forward kitchen fitting, we will walk you through it and ensure your peace of mind.

Starting Point

Most of our clients find us via the internet or have been referred to us by their friends and our previous customers. Everyone is at different levels of where they are up to in their kitchen renovation journey. Some people are just looking. Some people have researched so much about their renovation they have information overload. Wherever you are, we recommend you come into our showroom – that way we can have a face to face discussion about your needs and the best way to move forward.

Additionally, by coming into the showroom you can see the products and materials we use. Every company will have their own suppliers – but at Select Kitchens we only use Australian companies that meet Australian standards. While you’re taking a look through our showroom, we can offer additional info about the different positives and applications of each brand and model.

Home Visit

Once you’ve had a visit to the showroom and you’re keen to move forward with a Select Kitchens renovation, we will then organise one of our expert designers to come to take a look at your home. The is a completely free service and has no obligations.

We take the time to listen to all your ideas and what you are trying to achieve. Our designer knows the key questions that matter in getting to know what is important to you. Their professional expertise comes from seeing thousands of kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and wardrobes and all sorts of building work, offering invaluable advice on how to achieve the best results.

At this stage in the process, we will also give a rough estimate of what your renovation will cost. If we are all on the same page, you can proceed to pay $375 per room to obtain a written quote. Our designer will then measure up your space and make an appointment to have you back in the showroom. Option 2 is purchasing of the ‘plans only’ at a cost of $1,500 per room designed.

Viewing the renovation

Once your designer has drawn up the renovation, you’ll be invited back into the showroom to view the 3D mock-up and receive the detailed written quote. This is your opportunity to see it all –  from all angles – and tweak it if necessary. Select Kitchens prides itself on being a no-pressure-sale-based family business.
While some people are ready to make decisions right away, others are not. That’s okay. Our focus is getting the design right and for a price, you are happy with – without being pressured into committing to a renovation you’re not 100% on board with.

Signing Contracts

Once everything is all worked out and you are ready, contracts are signed – in line with standard Victorian laws and regulations.  For instance, any renovation over 16K must include builders warranty insurance. In our quotes and contract, you will see a transparent breakdown of where your money is being allocated. We don’t build fees or other expenses into our prices – what you see is what you get with Select Kitchens.

Site Check

After signing contracts, our Project Manager will come and double-check all the measurements taken by the designer. Select Kitchens knows it’s important this is done by a different person – you know what they say, measure twice, cut once. The site check will also involve confirming all the details of the contract so there are no communication issues. We want you to be well informed so everything goes smoothly.


Now that we have the measurements established and all selections are confirmed, we make any minor adjustments to the drawing to represent the precise plan. We go through each of your appliance specifications and make sure they will work with the design and space. We send you a copy of the drawings one last time to be approved by you. Once you have approved the final drawings, we then detail all of the materials for production. Our factory in Mordialloc will give the detailer a date they will have the kitchen ready and book the starting date with you.


The art of successful renovating always comes down to clear trade and job coordination. We have found that the trade professionals that have been around a long time usually know how to treat clients and their homes with respect – after all, they wouldn’t have lasted that long if they didn’t!

We use only reliable and consistent professionals, passionate about their area of expertise.  Secondly, we give our tradesman the backup and support they need to get the job done. We take the worry out of this part of the renovation for you. We have been doing it so long; it is second nature to us.

We provide you with a clear plan of the order of events and how long each of them will take. Then we make sure that clear communication is kept up throughout the process. Slight scheduling changes do happen sometimes, and we make sure you are always aware of the adjustments as they occur. If we come across an unforeseeable item, such as termites or asbestos, we will clearly communicate the options available to you and give you a written variation of any extra work that is agreed upon.


We like to give you a sense of closure to the renovation. So we make sure everything is complete before sending you a final account. If we have included plumbing or electrical works, a compliance certificate will be sent to you.

Finally, it’s important to remember Select Kitchens is only a phone call away should you have any questions.