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Kitchen Appliances Melbourne

One of the most difficult yet fun parts of a bathroom, home or kitchen renovation is selecting & purchasing appliances.

After all, how do you know if you’ve really chosen the right appliance?

It’s important to consider your kitchen design vision before getting into the particulars of specific appliances. At Select Kitchens, we specialise in helping you come up with a design that suits your lifestyle and your preferences.

Best Kitchen Appliance Brands

Our extensive range of high quality kitchen appliances means that once you have come up with a design, we can make it happen – right down to the last detail with our kitchen appliance package deals, saving money on top reliable appliance brands.

While we can be used to get the same old, same old, we stock kitchen appliances which suit traditional and modern kitchen designs – and anything in between. Decided on a bold colour scheme for your cabinets? We can supply the right appliances to form a cohesive design. Going for a minimalist look? We have sleek and simple dishwashers, microwaves – whatever you need to create the kitchen of your dreams.

Whether it’s for your new kitchen, bathroom, laundry room or more, picking the right appliances is all about looking at the bigger picture – and that’s something Select Kitchens specialises in. 


The microwave has become a kitchen staple in most homes. It is no longer just a reheating device – it can be a multi tasker that defrosts, cooks and bakes.


Potentially the most useful appliance in a kitchen, a dishwasher takes the chore out of feeding your family. Select Kitchens are able to find the perfect dishwasher for your needs and ensure that it’s cleanly integrated into your kitchen. 


From gas burners to ceramic or electric cooktops right through to the latest induction cooktops, Select Kitchens can advise, source and install the right cooktop for your cooking requirements. 

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