Modern Kitchen Designs

Select Kitchens designs and renovates dream modern kitchens, all across Melbourne. 

At Select Kitchens, we know that it’s a combination of all these elements, and we know just how to deliver your perfect modern kitchen.

Modern Kitchen ideas

At Select Kitchens, we know that it’s a combination of all these elements, and we know just how to deliver your perfect custom modern kitchen.

Sleek lines, functional design, restrained colour palettes, island bench, open shelving, pendant lights, etc. – there are many elements that make a modern kitchen great. The overall concept can be blended with other kitchen styles, creating modern French provincial kitchens or country style kitchens.

Select Kitchens have the expertise in bringing these elements together, to design & renovate your new modern kitchen. We’re dedicated to creating a high quality kitchen that blends beautiful form with intuitive function.

Our goal is to help you limit your kitchen items down to the bare necessities to make use of those little spaces you have. We’ll show you how to conceal your space-hogging appliances and find a place for every item in your kitchen.

Modern, Custom Kitchen Renovations

Our professional kitchen designers will guide you in picking the kitchen cabinets that personify your kitchen’s modern, simplistic design.

Within our design process, we’ll help you create space in your kitchen, whether you choose closed cabinets or open-air shelves in a small or large kitchen. Your kitchen once renovated, show a lustrous finish, bringing the design together.

Select Kitchen’s expert design team in Melbourne have a plethora of design experience. Whether this is your first remodelling venture or your tenth kitchen renovation, we’re equipped to help you with appropriate kitchen styling guidance as you make decisions on your kitchen’s design. 

Browse through the collection of photographs below and start visualising the kitchen of your dreams.

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Quality Modern Kitchen Melbourne

Timeless. That’s what any modern kitchen design should achieve.

As the decades go by a kitchen designed & renovated by Select Kitchens will feel modern, clean & aesthetically pleasing, whilst fitting in with your home & lifestyle.

No home is complete until your kitchen delivers efficiency in your use, whilst blending into the overall style. With this in mind, Select Kitchens places great care & specificity in our approach to guiding you with your dream modern kitchen, all at an affordable, transparent price.

And with the memories you create and the amount of time you spend inside your kitchen, a well designed modern look is crucial to feeling happy & inspired to your dining and cooking experiences.

Put simply, every time you step into your kitchen, you should feel like the first time. Magical.

Spectacular Modern Kitchen Designs

Our professional kitchen designers & cabinet makers will design and construct your kitchen with their vast technical experience and expertise, and help you achieve that dream kitchen look you.

All our custom made kitchens are made of the highest quality materials, stainless steel with premium kitchenware and appliances, from the most trusted brands that all converge to your kitchen design.


We project manage your kitchen renovation, so you don’t have to. 

Our project management capabilities reduce the stress that comes with modern kitchen renovations.

We manage all aspects of the renovation, whilst keeping you informed and up to date on your kitchen’s renovation progress.

Having designed modern kitchens across Melbourne for many years, we have the expertise needed to translate your dream to the necessary trade work requirements, with the craftsmen who build it. All you need to do is plan who you’ll invite to your first dinner party. 

It’s with this approach to professional service and quality, that has placed Select Kitchens as a leader in 
modern kitchen design within Melbourne.

Key Design Cues of a Modern Kitchen

Contrasting colours, minimalist appearance and clean lines are common features of modern kitchen designs in Melbourne. Here at Select Kitchens, these principles are applied in creating stunning and modern kitchen designs in Melbourne, which make your overall home design perfect, or for people who are looking towards renovating their kitchen.

Whether your kitchen has a large or small space, we will ensure your bespoke kitchen design utilises your kitchen space constraints in the best possible way. Our designs have an innovative, stylish and fresh look, where each detail of the design gives your kitchen an edge.

We are proud of our hassle-free process that brings modern country kitchen interior design to your home in no time. Our professional designers will consult with you on every single need you have in regards to the functionality and appearance of your kitchen, in order to give you a modern kitchen that is beautiful as well as efficient. Once all the designs are agreed upon, the specifications and the measurements are noted down to start the renovating or building process.

If you think the modern design might not suit you now, check our contemporary kitchen design or country kitchen design sections.

If you prefer professional assistance, book your free consultation now and we will personally inspect and provide a free quote.

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