Scandinavian Kitchens

White, white and more white. 

The main colour used in Scandinavian kitchen spaces is white.

Scandinavian Style Kitchen

Even though it’s neutral and perceived as being a cold shade by many people, white is also a very bright colour and a perfect shade to be used as a background for beautiful decorations and accessories.

Open shelves are particularly common in Scandinavian kitchens. They’re considered really practical, allowing you to easily organize, store and display items which are always within reach and easy to find. In Scandinavian-style homes, all rooms seem to share the same design. However, they are all unique and they each have distinctive characteristics.

Scandinavian Kitchen Design

The kitchen, for example, is a very interesting space to analyze from the perspective of this style. The kitchen in Scandinavian homes has an airy and simple home decor but it’s also functional and practical. Given the fact that the kitchen is primarily a functional small space although in a lot of modern homes it doubles as a social area, a Scandinavian design suits it well.

The simplicity and freshness typical of this style are perfect when combined with optimal storage and clever and efficient layouts.

Modern Scandinavian Kitchen ideas

Even though white is not the most practical colour when it comes to the kitchen, Scandinavian decors always find a way to make it seem stylish. It’s common for the modern kitchen in such cases to have either a wood kitchen floor with a light colour or a black and white checkerboard floor. The black and white combination is also commonly used for the rest of the décor as well.

Scandinavian Kitchen Designs installed by Skilled Tradesmen

If your home has a smaller kitchen with a separate neighbouring living room, we may be able to remove a wall to create this style. We did this recently for a customer, and the results are superb. 

One of the most popular kitchen styles, Select Kitchens can design and construct a Hamptons Style Kitchen renovation in your Melbourne home.

If you are interested in other styles like the Industrial concept or Modern style, talk to our team and book a free in-person consultation session.

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