5 ways to get your husband to spend more time in the kitchen


Some women are lucky to have a husband that thrives in the kitchen and loves being there, while others have to drag them in kicking and screaming. Before resorting to divorce, here are a few ways you can get your man working and cooking in the kitchen (without him even realising it)!man_cooking

Firstly, gadgets! Men love gadgets, so try and include things like big solid fry pans that allow for a big manly grip and big manly meals, so they can get messy and creative with their manly cooking.

Also a dishwasher is not just beneficial for you and the whole family, but they save water and give men the peace of mind that if they cook, they won’t have to do the washing up, too!



Whatever personality type your man is, research has found guys like having open space when working– hence why they want to build a shed as big as the house!


Keep this in mind when re-working your kitchen design, as it not only brings your man into the kitchen but also allows the room to feel more open and appear larger – and a kitchen with lots of space impresses everyone.Men also feel more comfortable being surrounded by solidly built materials such as; solid cupboard door handles and solid bench tops like marble or stone. Giving them the feel that the work area of the kitchen is suited to them as it is built with solid materials (much like that of the work area in the garage).




Most importantly! Have the right food and snacks available and on the ready, enabling them to eat and snack while cooking. This could include, crackers, dip, chips and beer – Don’t forget the ice-cold beer!

Lastly (and most obviously) having a TV visible from the kitchen bench is a great way for your man to continue watching his beloved sport/news/TV show whilst he is working away.

Add this to munchies and beer, and chances are he won’t even realise that you have him cooking and working away in the kitchen!