Goodbye to the Angled Corner Pantry

If you have an Angled Corner Pantry and have not seen the back of it for a long, long time, this cleverly designed kitchen update is for you.

Angled Corner Pantries look appealing and seems like a practical kitchen storage solution from first glance, but those who have lived with them understand how difficult it can be to use the space effectively. Too many foodstuffs end up out of sight and not found until out of date.

So, in this kitchen update, we stretched out the Pantry on the left-hand side and decreased it on the right-hand side. The shelves inside the pantry are even straight and shallow enough to find the product at the back.

Straight cabinets give you options

Once the pantry is straight, options such as Internal Drawers can be utilized. Changing the base section of a pantry from shelves to drawers adds 30% more storage. Then a corner mechanism can also be fitted, so the contents of the back corner will come to you.

Cooking workflow

Decreasing the right-hand side of the pantry gave us more space for the cooktop (previously crowded by the Angled Corner Pantry). Now there is plenty of space on each side of the cooktop for placing ingredients.

Under bench cabinets have been changed to drawers to gain even more storage and ease of access. An integrated bin system fitted to the Blum drawers systems, that carry a lifetime guaranty.


Colour selection

Overall a lighter and brighter colour was chosen to help the room feel more spacious. A simpler profile on the doors and panels was a wise choice, uncomplicating the space. Upgrade from a dark laminate bench to a lighter Caesarstone Clamshell, solid Reconstituted Stone Benches.

All of these clever, but simple design strategies made a dark and small room, a bright, inviting space for the family.