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New Year’s Renovation Resolution

Posted on 04 Jan, 2019 by selectkitchensadmin

2018 is in the books and a new year brings with it, new opportunities and a new sense of purpose. So, its time to focus and set down your renovation goals for 2019. Perhaps it’s that cook top that only has one working burner, or the tiny space that doesn’t fit your new fridge. Maybe Continue reading

A Butlers’ Pantry or No Butlers’ Pantry That is the question

Posted on 21 Sep, 2018 by selectkitchensadmin

The popularity of Butlers Pantries in contemporary kitchen renovations continues to grow. During kitchen week on the popular TV program, “The Block”, contestants received mixed reactions from design experts and buyers advocates on the merits of 5 different butlers’ style pantries. “A monumental waste of space” was how host Shelly Craft described one such pantry. Continue reading

5 Questions to Ask Before Engaging Your Kitchen Company

Posted on 02 Aug, 2016 by selectkitchensadmin

For most people a new kitchen is a substantial investment, so it’s important you can transform it into a room that you absolutely love. With the amount of your life that you spend in or around your kitchen, you would be crazy to settle for anything less! Here are 5 questions for you to ask Continue reading

3 Tips for Getting the Kitchen of your Dreams

Posted on 02 Aug, 2016 by selectkitchensadmin

No one ever said that dreams were realistic (and in fact, the very point of them is that they exceed reality)!. But, every now and then you can find that glorious balance between the visions within your dreams and the materials at hand.Here are 3 tips to help you bring that kitchen from your dreams Continue reading

5 ways to get your husband to spend more time in the kitchen

Posted on 02 Aug, 2016 by selectkitchensadmin

Some women are lucky to have a husband that thrives in the kitchen and loves being there, while others have to drag them in kicking and screaming. Before resorting to divorce, here are a few ways you can get your man working and cooking in the kitchen (without him even realising it)! Firstly, gadgets! Men Continue reading

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