A wonderful happy client to deal with, made it absolutely easy to come up with the best end result.
We started with a divided room and two different ceiling height, supporting posts in the middle of the room and pine lining. It had to be all opened up, brightened up integrated together into one space.


Working closely with this client helped us settle on a unique design. We were able to tick off all of the boxes one by one. Starting with the need for openness.

The existing ceiling had different patterns of moldings on it that did not match each other. These were all removed and restored to a clean simple look.

Next was the use of the windows to bring in even light to the room. They were situated at different heights, so we lowered one of them to make even in appearance. Then we couldn’t resist the urge to place a lone canopy on the wall evenly between the two windows.


Next came the production zones of cooking to suite a family environment. Simple careful planning enabled a stream line from fridge, through pantry to hot plate. Reheating and/or Defrosting on the Island bench in another zone. Breakfast production zone away from the main action keeping the flow of movement in harmony with each other, and more importantly, out of each others way.


A social aspect was added to this room that had previously not been there. An Island Bench with seating room for three people brought the heart back into the heart of the home.

We used waterfall ends to encase and frame the Island bench.


The use of colours here were light and gentle whites with warmth coming through in the flooring and glass splash backs.

So when an item of exciting colour enters the room, it can steel the show.


Lastly, we received the tick of approval from the four legged project manager that we had come to know throughout period of works.