5 Features of a Good Kitchen Designs in Melbourne


5 Features of a Good Kitchen Designs in Melbourne

Kitchen design is the key to having a well-functioning, user-friendly kitchen. The design must be taken care of by professionals who are well trained.

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Here, in this blog, we shall find out about 5 features of a good kitchen Designs in Melbourne. These features are essential. Hence, we recommend you take it seriously and communicate accordingly with the professional you hire.

Kitchen Designs

Let us, deep-dive, into the Kitchen Designs topic now

Storage Systems

Cabinetry, shelves and drawers are the three prime storage areas in a kitchen. When you are getting a kitchen designed, these three things must be smartly designed. This means its design must be compact. It should take minimum space yet provide maximum storage. Having protruding cabinetry can be a space-killer. Going for sleek ones is recommended here. With the latest equipment and professional creativity, it is easy to get smart storage systems installed, in the kitchen.


After cupboards, we have benchtops as the second most important feature of kitchen Designs in Melbourne. Benchtops occupy a huge space. They are prominent. If bench-tops go wrong, it will make the whole kitchen look sub-standard. You would not like that, for sure. When you hire a professional for kitchen design, make sure you find out what they think of the benchtop. Find out what stone will be used to make the benchtop. Also, find out the dimension of the bench-top. If there are certain features you want in the benchtop, this could be the right time to inform the experts about it.

Remember, benchtops are where maximum kitchen activities are performed. Also, once you get a bench-top installed, it will be there for a long. It is not easy to have a new benchtop installed. It involves time and your hard-earned money-both are precious!

When we talk about kitchen Designs in Melbourne, the benchtop is a super important area.

Fittings and Appliances

Best Kitchen Designers in Melbourne will take adequate care of fittings and appliances. A good kitchen must have a dedicated space for each home appliance. Professionals must make judicious use of space and create a kitchen that is ideal in all respect.


A kitchen lets out smoke and moisture. Having proper ventilation is important. Without ventilation, the kitchen may feel stuffy and hot. A stale environment while cooking is not motivating. It is unhealthy. Ventilation involves having a window in the right direction and getting a chimney installed. Also, you must take note of fan installation as an essential part of kitchen Designs in Melbourne.


If lightning is not done well, you will have a dim kitchen to use. Not having enough light will hinder the cooking process. Skylight installation is the best option here. You will have ample natural light. However, not all homes are designed to have skylights. For example, if you live in an apartment, skylights are impossible. Also, skylight installation is the job of a skylight professional and kitchen professionals may not have that expertise. However, your kitchen designer must make room for good quality LED lighting.

These were the top 5 essential areas of a good kitchen Designs in Melbourne. No matter where you live, kitchens are an integral part of life. It is the heart and soul of a home. Keeping a neat and clean kitchen is vital. Spending money and getting it well-designed is also important. As homeowners, we must plan and budget well to make sure our kitchen is comfortable to use and great to look at.

Importance of Aesthetics in Kitchens

In the section above we discussed the essential features; one should get incorporated into a kitchen. In this section, we shall see how aesthetics affect our kitchens.

Homeowners spend money on kitchen Designs in Melbourne for two prime reasons.

• First-to have a comfortable and functional kitchen

• Second- to have a beautiful kitchen that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal of the home

Hence, aesthetics is important. There are different kinds of kitchen designs that one may go for. From country styles to modern ones, there are a plethora of kitchen designs that you can choose from.

What kind of design is your favourite?

You can find out more about different styles of kitchen Designs in Melbourne from magazines, internet websites and professional experts. Browsing Pinterest for design ideas can be helpful too.

For a unique kitchen, plan with a professional so that each component of the kitchen design complement each other.

Pro Tip- while we celebrate each choice of colours, we suggest you go for neutrals. Try to go for shades that fall in the same colour palette. Choosing competing or oddly contrasting colours for the kitchen may not look as sophisticated.

How to Look for Professionals?

If you have a creative idea for the kitchen Designs in Melbourne, then make sure you hire professionals who know how to manifest your ideas into reality. Here are key points to note in this regard:

• The professionals must be creative themselves.

• They must have ideas and designs that suit your requirements.

• They must have the right problem-solving skill.

• They must be able to render projects within the budget.

• They must ensure quality in all aspects.

• Last and not the least, they must have the right time-management skill.

Now, the question is how to look for such professionals?

• You may talk to friends and family who have recently got Kitchen Renovations in Braeside done. Suggestions from family and friends can be quite valuable.

• Look up the internet and check out some of the professionals in your vicinity

• Check the testimonials and see which one, out of all, has the maximum experience.

You may also send an email or book a phone call with some of the professionals you think will be suitable for kitchen Designs in Melbourne.