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Kitchen Cabinets Melbourne

When it comes to kitchen cabinetry and home improvement, attention to detail is everything. Every kitchen design & renovation is custom made, and hand built by our kitchen cabinet makers in Melbourne to perfectly integrate with your space.

Our craftsmen take the time to ensure that kitchen drawers have that soft-close feel and that all your cabinetry doors are hung square in perfect alignment. It’s the mark of craftsmanship that Select Kitchens is known for.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Working alongside one of our project managers, our qualified cabinet makers measure, design, painted finish and build cabinetry solutions that withstand the wear and tear of kitchen usage. It’s the difference between a kitchen that looks good – but doesn’t last – and one that retains the quality fit and feels that makes custom cabinets in quality kitchens so desirable.

Our kitchen cabinet designer and kitchen makers have years of experience with all types of kitchen, bathroom and other wet area renovations.

Melamine Cabinets

When people say their kitchen is ‘laminate’, most times it is actually melamine cabinetry with laminated benchtops. Melamine is a coloured board that is durable and lightweight, and an excellent choice for vertical surfaces.

Unlike the laminate of the past, our melamine cabinets are sealed with high quality and durable ABS edging designed to last. No more ironed on cheap plastic edges!

Laminate Cabinets

Laminate is highly durable and commonly used as benchtops, speciality doors, drawers and panels. Textured laminates are a great choice for surfaces that may receive impacts or high levels of usage, especially compared to fragile timber veneers.

Laminate doors can also have a special high gloss or ultra-silk finish. Laminate and melamine are durable yet affordable as it is only available in flat sheets. If you want a profile door, then read on

Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Cabinets

Also known as Thermolaminate, vinyl wrap is a great choice for an affordable finish, especially on profile doors.

Vinyl is durable, cleans easily and is an excellent choice for profile doors.

2 Pack Cabinets

A very popular choice for doors, drawers and panels, 2 Pack is a process of painting then oven baking surfaces.

Known for its high gloss, and the vast range of colours available, it is an excellent choice for profiled doors and decorative accessories.

Timber & Timber Veneer

With a variety of woods, grains & stains, we work towards finding the right blend, according to your design tastes.

The warmth and beauty of timber and timber veneer are timeless, being a great addition to most kitchen styles

Trusted Kitchen Cabinet Makers with 25 years of experience

Select Kitchens has more than 25 years of experience in designing and building custom kitchens from contemporary kitchen to kitchen refacing.

Everything is manufactured in our factory in Melbourne. Our services include changing existing cabinets, replacing the door, manufacturing cabinet frames, benchtops, or cabinet door.

If you are looking for kitchen cabinet refacing, replacing your kitchen – kitchen remodelling, talk to a Select Kitchens Designer in your own home. Our kitchen installers can work out the best solutions for your budget.

Discuss your vision and hear options from an experienced kitchen designer.

Speak with a Kitchen Designer in your home

Talk to a Select Kitchens Designer in your own home. Discuss your vision and hear options from an experienced kitchen designer.