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Kitchen Renovations Melbourne

Kitchen Renovations Melbourne



Outdated, pokey kitchens can be transformed into sleek, modern spaces with Select Kitchens’ quality renovations. From our inception two decades ago, Select Kitchens’ masterful designs have formed the foundations of countless successful kitchen renovations in Melbourne. With a long-lasting guarantee on quality, our renovations are handled with skilled craftsmanship and consideration for your personal schedule, making Select Kitchens the local market-leader for kitchen renovations in Melbourne.



Any small business survives on it’s reputation. The team at Select Kitchens understands this very well. Without a substantial amount of referred clients, we have nothing.

Accordingly, our focus has always been on perfecting the kitchen renovation process for our existing clients, executing their design ideas to such an exacting standard they can’t help but recommend us to others. This has taken us many years to perfect – but we now have it down to a fine art.

We hold many written references at the showroom and have many satisfied clients that are willing to take your call and detail their experience with Select Kitchens.

We know that organising a kitchen renovation is a big commitment, and a big investment of your own money. Please feel free to contact us and ask to be put in contact with these references – at Select Kitchens, we’re dedicated to ensuring you have total peace of mind in our abilities before you sign a contract.



Once you have decided on a design for your kitchen renovation and signed a Domestic Building Contract with us, we perform a check measure of your room, detailing all the key aspects of it.

We ask you what types, styles and models of kitchen appliances you would like, helping us begin the task of making sure everything fits. This can be a quick or slow process, depending on the complexity of your dream kitchen.

It is important that every aspect of the kitchen is considered in these initial stages. We send you a copy of our fully detailed production plans before production commences. If the detailing is not 100% correct, then we look over it again and again until you’re completely satisfied to move ahead.

Next comes the customized scheduling of your job to suit your individual time requirements and parameters. We produce a project timeline and send it to you, showing when the job can commence and finish – with all of the necessary detail in between.

This way you know exactly what to expect from us and when it will happen. We leave some small breaks in the plan to allow for breaks in continuity. The night before we commence work, we’ll touch base with you to confirm our arrival.

Kitchen Remodelling Melbourne

Our project coordinator will keep you informed of the progress being made throughout the renovation. Select Kitchens utilises a great team of trade professionals, each with a high level of dedication to quality customer service.

Each member and/or operator is screened and background checked. We have long standing professional relationships with some of Melbourne’s finest trade professionals – all of whom have stood the test of time in the industry.

Our team are courteous and well-mannered, fully aware that they are a visitor in your home when performing renovation services. We make sure that each of them clean up after themselves.

Service is the primary goal of our small family business.



As Registered Builders, we provide all of our clients a 10-year guarantee.

In order to maintain long-lasting quality, we use nothing but the best materials, appliances and fittings in our kitchen renovations.

Select Kitchens have no interest in doing things twice, so to prevent this, we make sure it is done properly the first time. In the long run, this saves us all time and expense.

Clients also recognize good quality when they see it, and will decide whether to refer us onto friends based on this quality. Since a significant portion of Select Kitchens’ work comes from referrals, our team offers only the best.

Have any questions about the services we provide? Call us now on (03) 9885 9911.

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