5 Questions to Ask Before Engaging Your Kitchen Company



For most people, a new kitchen is a substantial investment, so it’s important you can transform it into a room that you absolutely love. With the amount of your life that you spend in or around your kitchen, you would be crazy to settle for anything less!

Here are 5 questions for you to ask before engaging a Kitchen Company, to give you the peace of mind that you have the right people on board to help you with your kitchen project.

Are you a Licensed Builder?

You would be astonished by the number of businesses that are installing and renovating kitchens without even being licensed to do so.  It’s something you can easily imagine would happen in other places around the world, but this is in Australia!

Checking whether or not a kitchen company is registered is not as simple as asking one of the directors, because they are masters at avoiding this question.

The best way to determine whether or not your Kitchen Company is registered is by checking if this symbol is displayed on their website:

If it is not, the chances are very high that this company is not even licensed to build in Victoria, which can have some nasty implications down the track (described below)!

Will you give me a VMIA Certificate?

Aside from assuring quality, a VMIA Certificate is the most important reason for you to ensure your Kitchen Company has the above symbol on their site.

A VMIA Certificate can only be provided by a Registered Building Company and it is your complete insurance against the Kitchen Company becoming insolvent, thus taking away any risk involved with your deposit (which can be a sizable sum).

With a VMIA certificate, in the event that your kitchen provider does declare insolvency, disappear or die, after you have already paid a deposit on your project, the Victorian Managed Insurance Authority will ensure you are not out of pocket.

You would be crazy to take on this risk when it can be so easily avoided (and many people have learned this the hard way), so make absolutely sure you are getting a VMIA Certificate before going ahead with any Kitchen Project.

How is the Quoting Process broken down?

If your Kitchen Company is the right one for you, they will be fully transparent with their quote. This means providing details!

Many companies will simply provide you with a number and hope that you don’t investigate the breakdown. Of course, with this method they can simply quote you a figure of their desire.

Whichever Kitchen Company you take on, ensure that you are provided with a detailed quote, allowing you to see exactly where every dollar is going.

Examples of good questions to ask when discussing your quote are:

  • How many power points are included in the quote?
  • How many metres of tiling are included?
  • Are you removing the rubbish from the job?
  • Are you fitting the bulkheads?

How long will Each Stage of the Works take?

It is absolutely essential that you agree on a time frame to which you can hold your Kitchen Company accountable. Without one, you are likely to end up waiting longer than you had hoped for your kitchen.

The best way to ensure your kitchen is completed in a timely manner is by having the overall project broken down into segments, allowing you to see the smaller sections of the project being completed on schedule.


Can I contact past customers for References?

Provided they are legitimate, references are a great way for you to gauge the level of expertise of your Kitchen Company.

You will probably be able to find written references on their website, but by far the most reliable way of ensuring your kitchen company is right for you is by requesting contact details of past customers and giving them a quick call. Most companies will be happy to provide this.

When you talk to these past customers, be sure to check they received their VMIA Certificate form the kitchen company, as well as asking:

  • How friendly and professional the company representatives were to deal with.
  • How the quote was presented to them (and if there were any hidden costs).
  • If the Kitchen Company kept all timing promises made.

We hope these 5 steps will help protect you when the time comes to engage a Kitchen Company for your next project.

Follow them and you are almost guaranteed to find a trustworthy and professional company to design and install your amazing, new kitchen!

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