How can we deal with a chimney?

Many of the prewar homes in Melbourne have kitchens with a chimney. Some have concrete lentils across the top of the opening. Other ones have a large concrete base that will need to be dealt with one way or the other. Some have an opening that is too low to allow installation of a cooktop and meet Gas regulations. We have dealt with these conundrums many times at Select, therefore, have a catalogue to draw on. There are three options when it comes to dealing with a large chimney in your kitchen design.

First crucial decision

  1. The designer can remove it completely, deal with the support issues that remain for the roof and ceiling structure giving you a clean slate to design your new kitchen as you please. This option is usually the most expensive of the three.
  2. Cover it with floor to ceiling walls, to make it disappear and then design your new kitchen in the remaining space. Sometimes space does not permit this option.
  3. The final option is to work with the chimney as it lays. Space can be useful. The front of the Mantle can be “dressed up” or dressed down” depending on your overall individual designs and goals for the room.

I decided to go with option 3. The clients beautiful home has been kept in the original style of its creation, so to do it justice, we kept the authenticity of the chimney in place.

The existing chimney has a simple solid timber shelf across the top. So our design selection was to dress it up, increasing the height and presentation, with further detail added in the way of corbels and a countered edge around the shelf.

You can’t beat the double-hung window

As with the chimney, the double-hung window carries the same authenticity as the home. It was in good condition so we were able to keep in in place also.

A DDP140 Designer Doors Plus profile was chosen as a perfect match to the doors throughout the existing home. Double bullnose edge was used around the Caesarstone Crème Brule Bench tops.

We chose Bi-folding doors on the bench pantry were implemented in the corner getting rid of unsightly clutter. As the doors fold to the left, they are completely out of your way.

Finishing touches

Fully integrated dishwasher, underslung sink and pewter tap fittings and cabinetry knobs finished off this gorgeous renovation.  If you think we can help you too, please contact us on 03 9885 9911.