Pine to Perfection

Do you remember a time when pine panelling was exciting? We lined everything with it. Over time, the sunlight discolours and darkens it. Being a softwood, objects cause dents and marks much easier than a hardwood. So, time had not been kind to the doors and panels.

Our clients wanted to brighten up the room but were also conscious of their desire for warmth to be retained. So, we set about finding timber grains in warm tones but also in light shades. Our clients balance struck was fantastic. Polytec Drifted Oak in a Ravine finish, along with Caesarstone Cocoa Fudge bench tops gave us the path we needed.

Handles away

We chose to eliminate handles on the overhead cabinets. Instead we fitted a finger pull option at the bottom of the doors. The clients had long wanted a Fisher and Paykel Double Dish Drawer so it was incorporated into the new design.

Sink Selection

Our kitchen sink was reversed from right-hand bowls to the left hand. A far more modern sleek drainer used in the new model. The change from sink cabinet doors to the blum Sink Drawers system was a God send to our clients. Designed to wrap around the plumbing pipes under the sink, it provides ease in finding the products you need in seconds. To the right-hand side of the sink we have a built-in bin system which is fully integrated into the Blum drawer system.

In both corners, we designed cabinetry containing Vauth Sagel Wari Corner mechanisms with both Left hand and Right hand in their corresponding sides.

You don’t always need new

We were able to reuse the freestanding stove as it was not very old and a thorough clean by the owners made it look like new.

The overbearing Pine lined Hood was replaced with the simplest of Stainless-Steel Canopies. Now they have a clean wall of very light coloured tiles.

Overall, we converted a 3-drawer kitchen into an 11-drawer kitchen. This along with sink drawers and corner mechanisms there would no longer be a need to crawl into a base cabinet to find something. The slate flooring stayed as it blended very well with the new colour pallet. Our design services mentioned above are all part of the Select Kitchens experience.