Chow Time



The Chow kitchen was a complete transformation of the space. From a dark cumbersome area to a lighter and brighter welcoming heart of the home. The design had to reflect the character and period of the home. The detail was the key. The profile of the cabinet doors had to match the existing house doors within the home.

So a sample was taken and matched exactly. Next was the lopsided chimney breast. We stripped the existing chimney structure and then evened it up on the right-hand side to provide some symmetry. This also gave us an opportunity for another cabinet with more storage.

The use of a Blum sink drawer system gave the clients cleaning products storage without the need to bend down and start climbing into a sink cabinet. Our client made modest appliance choices, but when it came to the tap and tap accessories, it had to be the English Tap Company with a bronze unit second to none. The Under-mounted Fire clay sink kept the simplicity through the room.

Fitting the fully integrated Dishwasher keeps the lines along the sink run from being disturbed.

Carefully placed downlights allowed us to show off some of the high lights of the new layout, especially brightening the cooktop area. Soft Wall colours helped keep the room from screening anything that did not need to be said. The mantlepiece was indeed appropriate for this warm home. The styling again had to match the existing characteristics of the home. Too much detail and it looks like your trying too hard, too little detail and it comes across as insufficient.

Choosing the furniture to accompany the kitchen is just as important as the layout and colours. The leather-bound club stools did the trick.

Lastly, the floors received a refreshing to bring out the clarity of the grain.