Companies that Supply to Select Kitchens


When we at Select Kitchens began looking for distributors in the Australian market, we wanted only the very best suppliers who would give our clients a fantastic product at a good price. We have gathered a list of companies in Australia that stand out as custom kitchen designers, who are now supplying to us. Their offerings are solidly made and of professional-quality.


WK Designer Stone- Bringing Nature into the Kitchen

WK Designer Stone can help you with choosing natural stone benchtops. In the business for almost 35 years, they can help bring your vision to life by letting you choose from a number of pre-constructed examples. They have branches in Sydney, Melbourne, and the Gold Coast with showrooms.

They specialise in natural stone surfaces and draw upon many quarries from around the world for their stock. They offer surfaces in granite, marble, onyx, limestone and travertine. As these slabs are drawn directly from the earth, you can choose slab by slab until you find the pattern and colouring that matches what you want.

Even with these limitations, WK has gone through the effort to sort these various stone by colour as well. You do not need to know exactly which surface you want. If you have an idea of what colour can go with the rest of your kitchen, they will do the rest.

WK Designer Stone also have a very special offering for your benchtops: Quantum Quartz. Quantum Quartz benchtops are 93% pure quartz. The remaining materials in the stone are strong bonding agents as well as a few colour additives. The result is an astonishing, durable surface. They offer a range of prices for their surfaces and ensure that you can get the benchtops you want for the price that fits.


Staron Solid Surfaces- Unique Benchtops for Everyone

Solid surfaces are a middle ground product between cheap surfaces and the expensive stone surface offerings found elsewhere. Staron Solid Surfaces has many locations and offers an excellent product line. Solid surface benchtops allow for an amazing breadth of choice that is right for our customers.

Staron has showrooms in Sydney, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne, and is known for its self-named material that it brings to the marketplace. This substance is a blend of refined Bauxite and acrylic resin. It can be shaped for any bench or table, has any and all colours within its ability and is easy to clean. The seamless design stops stains and food from soaking in, making it extremely hygienic.

They are more than just a solid surface company though. They offer everything that you would need for your kitchen. Owned by Samsung, they have the resources and personnel to get the highest quality products. You can browse their offerings online for everything from benchtops to illumination methods. However, Staron wants to bring a personal touch to designing your dream kitchen. For this reason, you can’t buy anything directly from their website. Rather, you have to contact them so that they can better cater for your needs.


Smartstone- A Fusion of Earth and Industry

Based out of Melbourne, Smartstone is one of the newest and most innovative companies in the field of engineered stone surface benchtops. A part of the Halifax Vogel Group, they offer a wide breadth of benchtops in a variety of colour and styles.

They have four offerings of engineered stone benchtops in style: Toledo, Paris, Milan and Santorini. They each represent a difference in style and colour, and all of them are made of quartz. Between these four categories, they cover almost every form of stylish benchtop there is right now.

The Santorini Collection uses a white colour with differences coming in hue and pattern. You can choose the stunning clarity of the Absolute Blanc benchtop pattern or the off-white, rocky pattern of Santorini.

The Toledo Collection is more reliant upon the non-white offerings available. Its benchtop styles, Gelsomino, Almendra and Arcadia, all use large blocky shapes in their design while the Botticino style has a collection of small textural marks with a more than colouring. These designs are reminiscent of beaches and sand.

We see a clear break from Santorini and Toledo with the Paris Collection. Small and active patterns are highlighted by stark, contrasting colours of white and black. Styles Naxos and Theron create cool, reserved patterns while Triton and Ceniza styles draw more attention to themselves.

The Milan Collection is vastly different from the others in that it has almost purely smooth materials with very mostly dark colours. The Athena style creates a cracked and cloudy white look that tantalizes the mind and eyes. The other styles are coal-like black colours that are pleasant to look at.


Blum Australia- Excellent Cabinet and Drawers

Blum has been supplying professional quality kitchen cabinets and drawers for over 60 years now. Originally a US-based company, they quickly achieved success and spread worldwide. Blum products can now be found on every inhabited continent. Aside from making high-quality kitchenware, Blum has focused on innovative designs to revolutionise the kitchen as we know it.

Of these innovations, one of them you will see with every product is the Blumotion technology. Blumotion is a soft-close technology that makes sure your cabinets and the furniture around them will never be damaged by fast closing drawers. This system slows down the inertia of a closing drawer, while still ensuring that it will shut. This innovation can be applied to every product that Blum offers.

Blumotion is a great technology, but you can truly bring futuristic products to your clients with Blum’s Tip On functionality. Tip On is a method of keeping cabinets shut so that an entire kitchen can be done without a single handle. A simple touch will click the drawer into place and just as easily open it again. They are durable and can resist intense pushing and pulling.

All of these futuristic innovations can give us the ability to create truly 21st-century kitchens. However, the best has been saved for last. The future lies in automation. Blum has made sure that ideal has not been lost on the kitchen. Servo-drive technology puts self-opening and closing cabinets in kitchens everywhere. This electrically supported system is activated, much like Tip On, with a simple push. The cabinet will then open itself. Give it another slight press and it will close.

At Select Kitchens, we pride ourselves in being able to offer our customers the best materials for their kitchen needs. We want their building experience to be as enjoyable as possible, and for our clients to be as excited about kitchens as we are. We hope that this insight has ensured you of our passion for kitchens and that you now have an inspired outlook for your kitchen.