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Modern Kitchen

Beautiful Modern Kitchens in Melbourne

Is it the sleek lines, the total functionality, or the restrained cool colour palette of a light grey or white kitchen that makes it modern? Select Kitchens knows it’s a combination of all these elements, and we know just how to deliver your perfect modern kitchen. We’re dedicated to creating a kitchen that not only looks incredible, but is also designed in a way where everything is kept right where you would expect it to be.

Our designers know just how to craft the perfect modern kitchen that emulates spaciousness in a unique, concealed style. With a monochromatic colour pattern, we’ll show you how using only a few colours, like greys and bright whites, combined with the timeless clean aesthetic of stainless steel and mirror splashbacks, to create the illusion of space within a tight area. Our goal is help you limit your kitchen items down to the bare necessities to make use of those little spaces you have. We’ll show you how to conceal your space-hogging appliances and find a place for every item in your kitchen.

The old kitchen
After: a beautiful modern kitchen

Client Modern Kitchen Renovation Number 1

The old kitchen, as you can see, had a dark and tired appearance, which in a room with high ceilings can make occupants feel somewhat trapped and surrounded. We worked closely with the owners to implement a modern design with clean lines and a nice balance between neutral light and dark colours. The owners were delighted, and will no doubt remain so for years as these type of designs age gracefully!

Modern, Yet Custom

The team of professional designers will guide you as you pick out the perfect cabinets that personify the simplistic style associated with custom modern design. Whether you choose closed cabinets or open, air shelves, we’ll help you create space where you’d least expect it. Perfect for small and large kitchens, modern designs are nothing without that lustrous finish that brings the design altogether.

Select Kitchen’s expert designers in Melbourne will be right there to assist you as you begin to cultivate your dream kitchen. We’re happy to provide guidance and will assist you when making all sorts of design choices. Whether this is your first remodelling venture or your tenth, we’ll work hard to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the result.

Browse through the collection of photographs below and start visualising the kitchen of your dreams. When you’re ready, get in touch with us for a free design consultation and make those dreams a reality.

modern kitchen designer

Modern Kitchens in Melbourne

A modern kitchen is an elegant look that – no matter how many years go by – will always look fabulous. Select Kitchens offer you the service right here in Melbourne to build your dream kitchen. We will design an elegant kitchen that will suit your lifestyle to a tee, and make it the centrepiece of your house.

A home feels incomplete when it does not have an adequate kitchen, but if it is transformed in to a modern kitchen, then its beauty doubles. Select Kitchens designs kitchens which help you achieve your dream look at an affordable price and you will truly enjoy cooking in your kitchen.

Spectacular Modern Kitchen Designs

Our professional kitchen designers will design your kitchen with their vast technical experience and expertise, and help you achieve that dream kitchen look you. All our custom made kitchens are made of the highest quality products and from the sturdiest materials. We have some of the top brand products, which will transform your kitchen and give it a new unique look.

We'll Handle the Project Management

Select Kitchens provide complete project management in transforming your kitchen and guarantees you that it will stay with you from the start, to the finish. This involves all the trade work that is connected with designing your modern kitchens in Melbourne.

Having designed many kitchens for years, we have extensive experience in making your dream kitchen true. All you need to plan is your first dinner party!

It is this service and quality that has placed Select Kitchens at the top in the kitchen designing industry in Melbourne.

modern kitchen renovation in Toorak house
before custom modern kitchen renovation
after custom modern kitchen renovation

Client Modern Kitchen Renovation Number 2

A really great kitchen will integrate seamlessly into a house and not look like a late addition. Here you can see that the old kitchen was not only dated, but it was clear that it came from a kit package that didn't integrate well in the open plan room.

We implemented a modern style with handleless cabinetry that finish at roof level, state-of-the-art appliances, a natural green splashback, and a benchtop which provides significantly more space.

Key Design Cues of a Modern Kitchen

Contrasting colours, minimalist appearance and clean lines are common features of modern kitchen designs in Melbourne. Here at Select Kitchens, these principles are applied in creating stunning and modern kitchen designs in Melbourne, which are perfect for homes, or for people who are looking towards renovating their kitchen.

Whether your kitchen has a large or small space, we will ensure your bespoke kitchen design utilises your kitchen space constraints in the best possible way. Our designs have an innovative, stylish and fresh look, where each detail of the design gives your kitchen an edge.

We are proud of our hassle free process that brings modern kitchen interior design to your home in no time. Our professional designers will consult with you on every single need you have in regards to the functionality and appearance of your kitchen, in order to give you a modern kitchen that is beautiful as well as efficient. Once all the designs are agreed upon, the specifications and the measurements are noted down to start the renovating or building process.

Request Your In-Home Design Consultation

Select Kitchens has a network of tradesmen and technicians to ensure you that no stone will be left unturned when installing your modern kitchen, whether it is plumbing or power. Our cutting-edge designs are all about transforming your old kitchen into an artwork; incorporating high quality materials, bold designing elements and vibrant colours.

If you are looking for someone to design your kitchen and give it a unique look then Select Kitchens will be more than happy to assist in creating modern kitchens in Melbourne.

Contact us to schedule a free in-home design consultation.

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