The 5 Golden Rules of Kitchen Renovation – 2020



Planning and completing a renovation project is lengthy task and it requires plenty of budgeting and thinking ahead. What kind of lights do you want to install? Do you have room in your budget for granite benchtops? If you get a modern-looking faucet, will you still love it in another ten years?

Here are the five golden rules of kitchen renovation to keep in mind while you plan your big project.

Do it once and do it right

Plan to do this renovation once and do it the right way. You should not have to tear up your kitchen more than once during the time that your family lives in your home. Multiple renovations can cause some parts of your kitchen to look older and less streamlined than others.

Before you begin the renovation, complete the following tasks:

  • Determine exactly what you want out of a renovation. What will truly make you happy?
  • Narrow down your budget and try to set it as best you can. More on this later.
  • Research contractors. Ask for recommendations from friends and look at reviews on online. Meet with several contractors before deciding on just one. He or she should have a good understanding of what you want and the budget you have to create it.

If you are seriously considering a renovation, now is not the time to be cutting corners. If you need to wait a little longer in order to save up for the granite benchtops and stainless steel appliances, there is no shame in putting off a big construction project. Unless you are a contractor yourself, it is best to hire one, rather than taking on the project yourself. While DIY efforts may be tempting, you might end up paying more since you have to repair any damages.


Be honest with your budget

The one thing that you always want to be upfront and honest about with your contractor (and more importantly yourself) is your budget.

Try to set a minimum and maximum for your budget. Let’s say you have $35,000 for a kitchen renovation. Set your minimum down at $33,000 and treat this as your actual budget. Setting yourself just below the budget will help you plan all of your costs upfront. If you happen to run into an emergency, such a busted pipe or an electrical wiring problem, you will have some room in your budget to fix the problem without having to sacrifice any of your needs or wants.

As you are going through and picking out tiles and backsplashes, keep your budget at the front of your mind. Spending a few extra dollars on tiles and a little more on appliances will stack up quickly, and before you know it, you are much farther over your budget than you thought.

Remember, if you run out of money, the project will have to be put on hold. You want to avoid this at all costs so track every purchase you make.

Match materials to the home and neighbourhood

When most people start kitchen renovation projects, they have two goals:

  1.     Create a beautiful, functional kitchen
  2.     Increase the value of the home

What they do not often realise is that increasing the value of the home cannot be done with just any old renovation job. If you truly want to increase your home’s value, you have to give your kitchen a thorough update.

The value of your home in mostly based on the values of those around you. If you live in a trailer park and have a beautiful kitchen, your home value probably will not increase that much. However, having a new kitchen in an area where most homes were built in the 1980s might be just enough to really add to your value.


Aim for timelessness

Trends and styles come and go with each season. One year, everyone is opting for minimal kitchens with accent lining, and the next, they are incorporating different textures into the backsplash and cabinets.

When renovating, try to stay away from anything too trendy or too off the wall. You will probably be in this kitchen for another five to ten years, perhaps even longer. Are you really going to love this design in ten years when it is completely out of style? Probably not.

Instead, opt for classic designs that can easily be changed with different coloured plates and decorations. Choose quality cabinets in simple colours that can easily be changed from modern to country kitchen with just the right accessories. If you tire of one design, you can easily change it for a new one, giving your kitchen a fresh look without having to break ground once more.

Do not delay construction

Kitchen renovations are not always quick. Depending on the work you want to be done, projects can be done in as little as one week or four to six weeks.

Some construction delays come from budgeting issues. If you run out of money and can no longer pay your contractor, you will have to stop the project, prolonging it and keeping your kitchen in pieces for a longer period of time. This is why it is best to shoot for a budget that is actually lower than the true amount you have to spend. You will be more prepared for any unforeseen disasters.

Other delays come from people who just cannot decide what they want. One day, they want white cabinets, then next they want everything in black. Big changes can prolong a renovation so take some time before you begin renovations and make sure you know exactly what you want.

Now that you know the five golden rules of kitchen renovation, keep them in mind when you start planning your renovation. They will help you avoid the biggest catastrophes and hep you get the kitchen of your dreams.