Sugden and Oxley


The brief for this Melbourne Renovation was bright but warm, functional yet open, inside through outside.

The bright but Warm was made easy with the overwhelming supply of light into the kitchen. It comes from the windows, the hallway, the Living room and the stairwell. Warmth was achieved using a great Australian rich spotted gum hardwood and unique oil finishing. This made the kitchen as warm as you would ever want it. In addition to this, the cabinetry doors in Strata Grey Sheen and Graphite Createc Gloss kept up the theme.

The sliding windows at bench level made it easy to open up to the outside entertaining area, making passing food outside or dishes back inside.

Simplicity at its finest with the Kitchen Sink selection. No perorations with straight clean lines and bowls you could wash the biggest of baking pans in. The kitchen Tap is of the most current rectangle tubed shaping with a very subtle tilt forward. A Blum Sink Draw system was used to make the best out of the available storage under the bowls. In the picture below you can see that the products come out to you and you won’t have to climb into the cabinet to find anything. It prevents bending over as well.

The most interesting appliance in this gorgeous kitchen is the Cool Drawer. It is an Integrated Freezer that presents itself as any other drawer in the kitchen. Once open, you have an array of programming options. There are internal drawers inside, buckets, containers and easy ways of getting the products at the bottom.

Once closed, you would not realize it is there. There was even room below to fit in another usable kitchen drawer.

The fitting of these specialized appliances and making the other drawers line up with them is something that can only be achieved when using an experienced kitchen designer and a Custom Made kitchen company. Set sized modules and flat packs just won’t work. Two tones of Caesarstone used with a light Osprey over the Darker cabinets and an earthy Atlantic Salt over the lighter doors.

The Fridge run was set nicely into the wall space so it was completely unobtrusive to traffic flow through the room. The Pull-out Pantry was a neat choice for just popping open slightly and making small selections. The microwave was tucked away behind a roller door so it can be covered when not in use, but not obtrusive when opened and on.

Lastly, symmetry was still achieved with a centrepiece of the room in the form of overhead cabinets. The Range Hood is out of sight and silent in nature.
NO handles on these cabinets and minimal shadow-line at the top to keep it simple and grand at the same time. We could go on all day about this modern contemporary kitchen, but just take a look…