Where should you put your sink?



Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. So you need to make wise choices while renovating or planning for the construction of a new kitchen. One of the toughest questions you will face when planning your kitchen is “where should you put your sink?” To answer this question, there are a few things to think about so that you can put your sink in an ideal place for the layout of your kitchen.

The Other Parts of Your Kitchen

The place where you put your sink should make sense when you compare it to the design of the kitchen as a whole. You should make sure that your sink is located close enough to benchtops and food storage areas so that cooking is easy, but you do not want your sink to be crowded by other parts of your kitchen.

Two common design ideas for sink placement are putting a sink on an island in the middle of the kitchen or up against one of the kitchen walls. This decision will vary greatly depending on the other elements of your kitchen. For example, if your island is very far away from your dishwasher or other appliances that you need to use while you use the sink, you might want to think twice about putting the sink on the island.

Also think about where the windows are in your kitchen. Many people like to be able to look out the window at their back yard or street while they are standing at the sink doing dishes or preparing food. So consider what type of view people who are standing at your sink will have. If you have an open kitchen, you should also consider which way the sink faces: having a sink that faces a dining room or breakfast area, for example, is great for entertaining guests who are eating with you in your kitchen.

Where Your Plumbing is Located

The other critical element to consider when you are wondering “where should you put your sink?” is thinking about your plumbing. If you are building a brand new house, you have much more flexibility when it comes to placing your plumbing. While you can still change the place where your kitchen sink is located even if your plumbing is already in place, it will most likely be a more expensive and costly job. If you are fine with the placement of your sink but still want to change up your kitchen, you can always leave your sink where it is but just change the things around the sink. This will alter the function of your kitchen without you having to seriously change up your kitchen.


Open kitchen layout.

Multiple Sinks

Another option that you can think about when you are considering “where should you put your sink?” is having more than one sink in your kitchen. This is common for large, open kitchens that will frequently play host to guests. You might have one sink near the pantry and refrigerator, to be used as a food prep sink, while another sink is further away from the centre of the kitchen to serve as a sink for hand washing. Multiple sinks are very convenient and can help make the question of where to put your sink much less challenging, since you will have two different places for your sink.

Your Renovation Budget

Remember to also keep in mind the budget that you have for your renovation, as this may have the biggest impact on where you decide to put your sink. If you are working inside of a specific budget, you may not be able to drastically change the place that you put your sink. However, you can save money by making the sink larger or smaller in the place where it already is. You may also be able to switch your sink to another area where plumbing connections are in place, if you wanted to swap the location of your sink and dishwasher, for example.

Updating your kitchen or building a brand new one for you to use is a great luxury, but it can also bring some challenges. When you are wondering “where should you put your sink?” it is important that you consider all the different elements of your kitchen. You should be able to put your sink somewhere that makes sense based on the rest of your kitchen, so that your sink serves as a smart centre of focus for a beautiful and functional kitchen in your home.