10 Makeover Ideas for Your Kitchen Island


Kitchens are a great place to decorate, especially if you’re all about mixing form and function. There are tons of different ways you can revamp your kitchen to make it suits your needs or to make it a multifunctional place in the home. It can double as a study area, a workstation, a dining area and even an entertainment place. An essential part of a multifunctional kitchen is a kitchen island, and of course, you can revamp it in any way you choose.

The best part about having a great kitchen island to work with is its versatility. You can add décor, and extra cabinets, or even incorporate tons of little features to make them function as your preparation area as well as something that everyone in your home can use. If you’re looking to turn your kitchen island into something more than just an extra surface, here are some things you can do with it:

Add a Taller Surface

What better way to get more functionality from a kitchen island than by adding in another surface to work with? Place a taller table right beside your kitchen island so that it can function as a breakfast bar or a presentation area for kitchen décor or fruits in season. The best surface to add is a round table that complements the color scheme of your kitchen. Add in a couple of bar stools in the same design and you’re all set!

Split-level Islands

If you think it’s hard to pull off adding another table near your kitchen island, try getting an island that has two surface heights. The higher surface can be used as a sort of bar-style table, whereas the lower attached surface can act as a preparation area. This multifunctional design in kitchen islands allows you to get the most out of one piece of furniture. And it also saves you some space since these two surfaces are attached to each other.

Extra storage

Everyone loves a little extra storage, particularly in the kitchen. As kitchen islands are quite versatile, you can install shelves underneath to display your recipe books, funky kitchen tools, figurine collection, ornate vases or wine bottles. For open concept kitchens, this is a great way to mix your living room and your kitchen so that the two rooms can blend into each other. You’ve got functionality on top and functionality underneath!

Hanging Shelves

Hanging a series of shelves right above your kitchen island opens up a lot of possibilities in terms of storage. You can set up a hanging pantry or a place to put your spices. You can also keep pots and cookware in full view so you won’t have to rummage through cupboards. In addition, hanging up a wide shelf above your kitchen island can also serve as a sort of divider between your dining room and kitchen. It’s also a very interesting conversation piece for guests who are staying over for dinner.

Movable Islands

With today’s homes getting smaller and more compact, sometimes it helps to keep your furniture mobile. By putting wheels underneath your kitchen island, you can move it around to clear up some space in your kitchen. If you’re having a lot of guests over, a movable kitchen island can be put up against the wall or the counters to give your guests room to move around. It can also be used as a serving tray for when you’re ready for coffee, desserts and drinks. For those who want their kitchens to be absolutely immaculate, movable kitchen islands allow you to clean up the floor underneath without so much as a sweat!

Built-in Seats

Instead of picking out seats that would go with your kitchen island’s design, you can purchase models that have their own built-in seats. These seats are usually low enough for small tables, and can also serve as dining table seating for smaller homes. In addition, you also have the option to have built-in seats that slide in and out of your kitchen island for an added space-saving touch. These options also give you a place in your kitchen where you can sit back and read a book as you’re waiting for your slow cooker meals to be ready.

Built-in Appliances

In addition to seats, you can also choose to have your appliances built right into your kitchen island. Most counters already have this, so why not do the same for your island? You have a variety of options such as a mini-fridge for wine, a dishwasher, a stove and even a sink. This allows for a seamless look to your kitchen while also saving space since you can still use the surface above the appliances for dining and food preparation functions.

Working on an Island

Oftentimes, workstations can also be found in the kitchen. It’s a brilliant idea since the kitchen is usually quiet, and you’ve got all sorts of food and refreshments an arm’s length away. This is also ideal for homes that don’t have enough space for a separate home office. As kitchen islands are fairly versatile, you can also choose to customize yours by having the power built into the appliance or by allowing your flat monitor to slide into the island. However, just make sure you keep your workstation away from the stove to avoid food splatters all over your computer!


Hollow It Out

Kitchen islands are essentially tables. But instead of foregoing an island for an actual table, you can invest in a table that looks a lot like a kitchen island. Many modern kitchen islands have a hollow bottom with wide legs that function as storage shelves. The hollow bottoms let you slide your seats in when they’re not in use. Not only does this look very chic and seamless, but it’s also a great space-saver too!

Elevate the Middle

Instead of a big plain surface, you can install an elevated space in the middle of your kitchen island. This helps divide your island while also allowing you to store different items in full view in the middle of the island. You have a lot of options to choose from such as a Lazy Susan or just a regular platform where you can display flowers or your spice rack.