Top Ten Most Creative Kitchen Backsplash Ideas


For many homeowners, having a kitchen (and even a laundry room) with backsplash is almost a necessity. Backsplash means you’ll never have to paint a kitchen wall again. Since most backsplash is used between counters and cabinets in kitchens, this is a huge plus. It’s a difficult area to paint and keep clean. If spaghetti sauce gets on backsplash tile, it’s easy to just wipe it off.

Backsplash can also liven up a dull looking kitchen with either a stark contrast or a nice complement. Think of it like a piece of jewelry: something bold and eye-catching.

Not sure how to do it? Check out these ten great ideas for kitchen backsplash ideas to take your kitchen from dull to fabulous.

10. Zigzag Patterns:

This idea can be used with any two colors, but it looks the most striking when it’s in black and white. Use a white background and create several zigzag lines going up the wall. Make sure they’re spaced out by a few inches. This will make any black appliances you have stand out.


9. Horizontal Lines

The lines can either be straight or in small zigzagged lines, which will be smaller and more compact than those described above. If your kitchen is mostly white with stainless steel appliances, this will be great for adding just a pop of color.

This idea works best if you choose white and one other color. Now choose a few different light and dark shades of the other color, say light blues and dark blues. Now you’re going to lay the tiles out to for horizontal stripes that go across the wall.

For open concept kitchens, this is a great way to blend your sitting area colors with your kitchen. Though you might have to stay within the same color scheme if you decide to redo your living room, at least you can mix different shades within the room.

8. Graphic Patterns

These types of tiles usually have to be customised, but there are several manufacturers who will do it for you.

Choose five or six different patterns all with the same color schemes. This is keeps the patterns looking uniform while somewhat different. You don’t have to maintain a pattern while you’re placing the tiles on the wall. Just be sure that no two tiles of the same patterns touch each other.


7. Faux Marble

Not everyone likes, wants or can afford real marble, but the fake tiles look just as nice and no one will be able to tell the difference.

Designers such as Wilsonart utilise a chevron backsplash in marble-looking colors such as Calcutta marble and peal soapstone laminates. When laid out in the proper pattern, they look like real marble. Try doing one row in each color or create a zigzag pattern. No one will know it’s not marble unless they go around feeling your backsplash.


6. Add Texture

Give your kitchen a modern look with textured backsplash. Some designers, such as Drawing Dept., use one color and create interlocking tiles. When properly placed next to a match, the tiles form an intricate pattern across the wall.

In a way, they look like thin pipes are coming through the backsplash, but they’re streamlined and do not have any jagged sides.


5. Black and White Patterns

It’s hard to deny the sleek and classic look that black and white brings to a kitchen. No matter what color the counter tops and cabinets are, black and white usually goes with everything.

Use tiles with a single black and white pattern on them and line your walls with this backsplash. Any red appliances you have will stand out a mile as will any stainless steel ones.

4. The Herringbone Pattern

You’ve probably seen this pattern a million times in home magazines and model homes, but you can’t deny that it looks clean and doesn’t detract from other parts of a stylish kitchen.

This pattern is composed of rectangular blocks that interlock together. It’s more common in floor patterns, but it looks equally as nice as a backsplash. It’s best as one light color with a darker grout take make the lighter color stand out, but you can try darker colors with lighter grouts if you prefer.

You can also try using several complementing colors together if you’re feeling up to the challenge.


3. Recycled Tiles

There are so many creative tile types that are being used for backsplash. You can create a unique, one-of-a-kind kitchen that no one will be able to copy.

The Art of Board, a grassroots company originally started in Pennsylvania, transforms used, wooden skateboards into works of art. In 2011, they launched a skateboard recycling movement and called on all skateboarders to turn over their damaged and used boards.

While they have several projects for these used boards, one of their most creative ideas is turning them into kitchen backsplash tiles. These colorful tiles give any kitchen a rock star look and are an excellent conversation piece.


2. Solid Bronze

Bronze isn’t just for third place winners. It can also be used as a backsplash tile.

This metal comes in different colors, shapes and sizes so you can create a fully unique backsplash. Choose a few similar colors and create a pattern across your wall. Because of bronze’s shiny qualities, this will complement your steel sinks and appliances, making your kitchen the epitome of modernity.

1. No Rules Lines

If you find that you love so many of these cool ideas, try using all of them to create a totally new and innovative kitchen that will always be the center of attention.


Using rectangular or square tiles, choose black, white and then another color of your choice. A red or a blue would make a bold statement in your kitchen. Now find patterned tiles that blend two or more of those colors. You might find a tile with red sparks on a black background or black and white wavy lines with a hazy red hue on top.

Now do two rows, one of black and one of white tiles, at the top and bottom of the wall you want to cover in backsplash. In the middle mix lines of patterned tile with lines of red tile to create a stunning effect.

Then sit back and enjoy your kitchen!