6 Ways to Convince Your Partner You Need a New Kitchen



Let’s face it; your kitchen has seen better days. Your husband might think that the shaky fridge and stuck cupboard hinges are small issues, but really, how have you even been able to survive this long? Well, you haven’t! You’ve barely been getting by, and it’s time to take drastic measures!

Here are six ways to convince your husband that he needs you to have a new kitchen:

– Wear his shoes

Metaphorically, of course. Think like a guy! Why would he want a new kitchen? Offer him the chance for a new fridge so that he can fit more beers, a larger oven that fits a bigger turkey for Christmas Day, or a deep fryer to try out all those insane recipes on the Internet. Who doesn’t want their own deep fried Mars Bars?

– Poison him

But only enough to convince him that you’re useless in such a rundown kitchen. Prepare a dodgy meal or piece of baking, and claim you “just can’t work in these conditions”. You can add salt to the wound by attempting to ruin his favourite meal. This is a sure-fire way!



– Appeal to his laziness

Draw attention to how much time he has to spend helping you clean up in the kitchen and how great a new dishwasher would be to cut that time down. You can even purposely use more items while cooking so that he has more to wash after dinner.


– Nag and nag, and nag some more

Nag a lot – really. Don’t hold back, but do it strategically. Nag him while he’s in inconvenient situations: at work, on the toilet, watching the footy. Whisper it, shout it, and be relentless, whatever it takes. Let him know that there is one way to stop the nagging – and that’s a new kitchen!

– Play the ‘logic’ card

Convince your husband that if you should ever need to move to a new place, a stylish and functional kitchen can increase the value of your entire home. A good kitchen that looks and feels bigger, with good quality appliances, can increase the price you receive for your property by up to $100,000.

– Entice him

If all else fails, try preparing a meal in just an apron. At some point mention getting a new kitchen and if he says ‘no’, immediately go and put all of your clothes back on! Claim it feels too old, greasy and dirty in there for that kind of behaviour.

Once you have acquired your brand-spanking-new kitchen, you will probably have to stick to about half of your promises, as you need him to trust you just enough for any future manipulation to work. From the team at Select Kitchens, good luck!


Emma Galloway, born in New Zealand and now living in Western Australia, runs a blog where she bases recipes around her and her family’s intolerance to gluten and lactose. Emma uses this opportunity to create fantastic health-conscious dishes that are also budget-friendly. Having also published a cookbook in her spare time, Emma’s blog covers everything from sauces to ice cream.

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