Orange Tiles and Mission Brown cabinets

Yes, it really happened!

This before and after project demonstrates how your home can be updated from the 1970s to the 2020’s. Most New kitchens are white and of course, this is a welcome change to 70’s homeowners. When you change from mission brown cabinets to all-white cabinets, suddenly, the room seems bigger, wider and taller. Light reflects throughout the room and brightens all spaces.

Our client wanted a window with a single pane and so we fitted a new white aluminium window.

Bench Space

Part of the brief was “more bench space” as it so often is, so a bulky 70’s wall oven was substituted for duel under-bench ovens and an under-bench Microwave. A French Door fridge with ice maker was a great selection and stainless-steel handles were chosen to complement this fridge. The splashback you see here is a Porcelain splashback. Available in many colours, patterns, veins and finishes, this large-format porcelain sheeting comes in 3m x 1.4 sizes.

No more grout lines to get dirty anymore.


If you haven’t heard of Induction cooktops, you’re missing out on great technology. Induction cooktops don’t heat themselves up, but flow electricity through the pot or pan that you place on them. This makes them very efficient cook tops. More responsive than a Gas cooktop and with a Glass surface that doesn’t get hot, they are safer both Electric and Gas. The duel ovens give you the option of two baking or roasting temperatures.

It’s hard to believe that we prepared food on benches covered in very small tiles with grout lines that absorb. Our client was over the moon to have a white smooth bench for cooking now and a stone waterfall in the same surface finished it nicely. This breakfast bar was made much deeper and now includes a bigger overhang for seating on the backside.